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Respect for your privacy and the management, protection and security of your personal data is a priority for NEOGROSS (hereinafter the "Company", or "NEOGROSS", "we", "us", "our"). The Company has established this Data Protection Policy, which includes the Cookies Policy as a single text and an integral part of it (hereinafter the "Data Policy" or the "Policy"), in order to inform you who visit www.neogross. gr (hereinafter referred to as "e-shop", "Online Shop"), or buy from any NEOGROSS sales point (physical stores, by telephone or via the online shop), become a Member of NEOGROSS, subscribe to our Newsletter recipient list, or participate in our promotional or other activities, or make use of NEOGROSS' social media or otherwise, (hereinafter referred to as "Customer", "Member", "User", "you", "your"), how NEOGROSS manages and processes your personal data and in particular:

the type of data it collects or generates about you; and,
the purpose of the collection and processing of your data; and,

the recipients and the purpose of processing on their behalf,
your rights and choices concerning your personal data; and,
how to contact us about any issue that you may have in relation to your personal data.
Your continued browsing of the e-shop, your registration with NEOGROSS, your purchase through our Online Store and by telephone, your subscription to our Newsletter, your communication with us, and any other action and interaction with NEOGROSS that requires you to provide us with your personal data, also implies your automatic and unconditional acceptance of this Policy, including any amendments thereto. If you do not agree with this Policy or any amendments thereto, you must not take any action regarding the provision of your personal data, and you are entitled to terminate the contracts between us, and/or request the deletion of your Account and your data. In any case, for any information or clarification, you may contact us, while you retain your rights regarding your personal data, as detailed and described in the relevant section below. This Data Protection Policy includes:

Information about your Data Controller and the Data Protection Officer for your data protection issues, as well as contact details for contacting us about any issue relating to your data.
The type of data we collect about you and the methods of collection.
The purpose for collecting and processing your personal data and the lawful basis for the processing.
Any transfers of your data to third parties and the purpose of the transfer.
The security measures we take to protect your personal data,
The period of retention of your personal data.
Your rights and how to access them, and your choices regarding the collection and processing of your data.

This Policy replaces all previous notices we may have previously provided regarding our information practices. This Data Protection Policy is governed by both the relevant provisions of Greek and Community law on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. Any possible future changes to the aforementioned regulatory framework will be subject to this Policy. We therefore reserve the right to change this statement and to implement any change to your data and our practices regarding the collection and processing thereof, in accordance with the law, and/or to modify or replace all and/or part of this Policy at our sole discretion.

If there are material changes to this Policy, or our practices with respect to your data change in the future, we will notify you by posting the changes on the e-shop, and/or by sending notice to the means of communication you have provided to us. However, if you wish to obtain any clarification or information regarding the changes, or if you have any disagreement, reservation or question regarding these (changes), you can contact us at the details listed in the following Section. Please note that any information/clarification provided to you in accordance with the above, regarding any changes to this Policy, does not constitute a replacement, substitution or any amendment to this Policy.


1. Who is the Data Controller?

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