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www.neogross.gr is the official site and electronic shop for the sale of goods through the Internet of the registered name NEOGROSS I.K.E. with registered office at Agiou Georgiou 1, 69133 Komotini, Rodopis, with tax registration number (TIN 801668233, D.Ο.Υ. Komotinis) and GEMI 161151910000.


This site has been created to provide immediate information to consumers in regard to the products produced and sold by NEOGROSS I.K.E. The consumer is provided with the possibility to order goods from a distance through the Internet, also to communicate that with NEOGROSS I.K.E.

Acceptance of terms of use


Every visitor/user who enters this site and makes use of its services is deemed to unreservedly consent and agree with the terms hereunder, which are compliant with the laws applicable in Greece. Non-compliance of the user/customer of this site with the terms of use hereof, results in the lifting of all responsibility of NEOGROSS I.K.E. vis a vis any natural or legal persons affected by such non compliance, while the visitor/user recognizes the rights of affected to amend the present terms, to the extent that they do not constitute legally binding obligations. The visitors/users of this site, acknowledge that they have read the present terms and agree with them and undertake the obligation to comply with the same within the agreement which is constituted by virtue of such acceptance, as well as the general obligation for compliance with applicable law. Any visitor/user not agreeing with these terms, must abstain from using the NEOGROSS site of any transaction with the NEOGROSS.

Information provided and products

NEOGROSS is responsible for the quality, the completeness and validity of the information which is included in the site www.neogross.gr. The company is bona fide not responsible for mistakes due to the entry of electronic data on its site, by error.

Limitation of liability

NEOGROSS is not responsible vis-à-vis visitors/users for damages which may occur from the execution or non execution of their order with the exception of returns or replacement of products already purchased.

NEOGROSS provides the contents of its site, as well as its products and services through its site exactly as they are. In no case NEOGROSS shall be deemed to carry legal responsibility for claims or damages


Intellectual property rights

The entire content of this site, including images, graphics, photographs, texts and products constitute intellectual property of NEOGROSS, protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law as well as international treaties.


Copying, recording, distribution, transfer, modification, resale or the defrauding of the public in regard to the identity of the owner of the contents of the site is forbidden. The reproduction, re-edition, transportation, announcement or any other use of the contents in any manner and with any means, for commercial or other reasons is permitted only with the consent of NEOGROSS or any other lawful beneficiary of aforesaid intellectual property.


The names, images and the logos representing NEOGROSS and its products are exclusive trademarks of a NEOGROSS and are protected under Greek, EU and international laws for the protection of trademarks and commercial and industrial property. In any case their display and appearance on the web page www.neogross.gr cannot be interpreted as the transfer or granting of license or any right for their use.


Returns- Changes

Returns can be made within a period of 15 days from the delivery date of your order by the transporter and the products must be in an excellent condition in their original packaging and carry all of their labels. Used or washed products cannot be returned.

The return must be accompanied by a copy of the retail sale receipt.

Upon return of the product, your account can be credited for future use within 6 months or you may receive cash return through your bank account (within 30 days) as of the date of delivery of the return. In this second case it is essential that you include in the return package a note mentioning your bank account number and IBAN number, and the bank to which you wish the money to be returned or advise us accordingly by email.

Discounted or offered items can be changed at the applicable price from time to time and cannot be changed after the discount or offer period expires.

Once the product has been used, we will not exchange or refund pillows, blankets, duvets and towels for hygiene reasons.

Procedure for changing a non defective product

Following consultation, you send us the product at our own charge, with courier, it is OBLIGATORY to include the copy of the retail receipt and the "Returns / Changes" form completed. In the case of invoice, it must be accompanied by the consignment note.

The following must be marked on the parcel: To the shop NEOGROSS I.K.E. AGIOU GEORGIOU 1, 69133, Komotini Rodopis.

In parallel with the return procedure you may place a new order to our electronic shop for the product you wish to acquire. In the comments field, please mention that this is a replacement together with the number of the retail receipt, which you had received for your original order

As soon as we receive the product you have sent us for replacement, will commence the delivery process for the new order.

Procedure for refund for a non defective product

Following consultation, you send us the product at our own charge, with courier;

The following must be marked on the parcel: To the shop NEOGROSS I.K.E. AGIOU GEORGIOU 1, 69133, Komotini Rodopis.

Inside the parcel you must include your complete particulars (name, surname, communication telephone number account number , IBAN number , bank). It is OBLIGATORY to include the copy of the retail receipt

As soon as we receive the product you have sent us, the copy of the retail receipt and your complete particulars, shall commence the refund procedure.

The deposit is made within 30 days as of receipt of the product. (the deposit is done at the net sale value of the product without transportation cost).


Defective products

All of our products re checked by specialized personnel of our company befor they are dispatched to you. A strickt quality control is performed, so that you will receive the product at an excellent condition. If despite this you trace any problem, you must immediately send us an email at sales@neogross.gr or communicate with us by dialing 2531029888, to describe the problem with the product.


By charge of your debit or credit card

During order placement you are transposed to a secure environment of our cooperating VIVA WALLET for the entry of the data of your card and the charge thereof.


By deposit to a bank account ?

Transfer within 3 days at the latest, to one of the following accounts the total value of your order, mentioning your name and surname and the code number of your order:

Piraeus Bank:  ( IBAN: GR4301723530005353105257161 / NEOGROSS I.K.E. )

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